As part of the remedial works taking place across Palermo, a colour consultant was engaged to review the current paint colours used externally on Palermo, and how our building sits within the neighbourhood. 

European Colours + Interiors was suggested as having worked previously with the builder / painter undertaking the works across Palermo.

Current Colours used

The current paint colours used on Palermo are:

  • Dulux Glassy Green 

  • Dulux Deep Aloa Vera 

  • Dulux Foaming Surf

  • Dulux Vivid White

  • Dulux Luff

  • Dulux Blue Sail

  • Dulux Blue Shutters

  • Dulux Sun lounge

  • Dulux Crunch

  • Dulux Hot Ginger

  • Dulux Picked

  • Dulux White Duck 

Proposed Colours

  • Dulux Casper White SW1F6

  • Dulux Milton Moon SN4G2

  • Dulux Klute SN4G5

  • Dulux Chicory Flower S40D5


Click here to view the colour overview document from the designer

Click here to view the full report from colour consultant 

Photoshop - Before and After images:

                                       Current Colour Scheme                                   Proposed Colour Scheme



























































Next Steps:

  1. Vote online at the EGM

    If you wish to change the colours, vote 'FOR' motion 2 in the EGM. 

    If you wish to leave the colours the same as is currently , vote 'AGAINST' motion 2 in the EGM.

  2. If the motion is resolved (accepted) by SP79088 owner corporation, then the Building Management Committee (BMC) will vote. The BMC is made up of 1 representative of the Residential owners corporation, and 1 representative of the Commercial owners corporation (Ray White & Chidiac) 

  3. If accepted by the BMC, then the Harbourside Community Association need to review.  

  4. The painting will take place over the next 12 months as part of the building works. 

If you have any questions, please contact:


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