Moving in and out

Please take care then when moving household furniture and whitegoods into or out of Palermo to avoid damage to lifts, walls and doors.

  1. Building management and/or Security will arrange for installation of protective lift covers 48 hours ahead of the time you wish to be using the lifts.

  2. Movements in or out are restricted to 8.30am and 5.00pm from Monday to Saturday.

  3. Under no circumstances are lift doors to be forced open.

  4. Any damages to common property, or additional cleaning requirements, caused by the move will be at your expense.


Resident car parking is restricted to a nominated space and parking anywhere else within the complex, including areas nominated to visitor parking is a breach of by-law. By-law breaches may result in a $550 fine, wheel-clamping and/or cancellation of access to carpark.

Visitor Parking

Palermo has a limited number of visitor car parking spaces. Visitor parking spaces are provided for the use of visitors for a maximum of 8 hours. Residents are NOT permitted to use visitor parking spaces at anytime and any breach may may result in your vehicle being reported to the police and being towed away and/or a fine, wheel-clamping and/or cancellation of access to carpark.


Pets are welcome at Palermo under the following conditions:

  • Is registered with Building Management along with a photograph

  • Are on a leash, caged or otherwise contained and under control when on Common Property and must be accompanied at all times.

  • The pet owner is responsible for any noise reasonably considered to be disturbing and for any property damage or personal injury caused by the animal.

  • The pet owner is responsible at all times for cleaning up after the animal

Water usage/ Drainage

Unavoidably, 4 to 5 litres of cold water can lost before the onset of hot water. Environmentally conscious residents prefer to gather the cold water for alternative use (watering plants, washing down balconies etc).


Please be aware that drainage odours may occur from time to time. These odours may be caused by a lack of usage of the second toilet or bathroom or by a build-up of deposits in S traps or washing machine tubing. In the case of odours, simply charge the system by flushing with a half bucket of hot water and disinfectant. Baking soda is a great cleanser for smelly tubing. If a drain becomes clogged then the S trap may need to be serviced by a licensed plumber. Regular use of a non-toxic and environmentally safe product such as Actizyme (available in most supermarkets) will also eliminate odours and prevent blockages.

Air Conditioning / Heating

Apartment air conditioning units are not common property. They are the property of the apartment owner and need to be maintained regularly (at least every 12 months) to avoid possible expensive repairs.

Ventilation fans / Air Vents

The ventilation fans in the bathrooms and laundry are not connected to the light switch. They are located in a ventilation stack. Some apartments have noticed that air movement is either not consistent or is noisy. Please report any excessive noise, or absence of air flow to EC and Building Manager. To assist air circulation, the air vents located in bath rooms and the laundry should be cleaned regularly to remove any build-up of debris.

Smoke Detectors

Apartment smoke detectors contain a 9 volt battery. If you hear an intermittent chirping sound, this is an indication to change the battery.  It is wise to change it every 12 months in any case.